Effective communication is best accomplished by developing relationships between people and processes in order to make a message clear. This is my passion.

My formal training as a designer allows me to to be an art director for print and Web; my years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur allow me to lead and produce Web projects, to develop business models and marketing plans, and to manage teams effectively.

Brief History

From September 1995 to February 2005, I operated and designed as Remorseless Media.

In that time, I've produced work for clients all over North America, focusing on branding and print design.

Since March 1999, I have co-owned Bento Box Media, Inc–  a Web business and application company that turns ideas into functioning, fully developed business models on the Web.

More than just managing the business, I'm hands on with working with our client in developing the complete vision for their Web projects– from organizing their team and identifying their strengths and weaknesses, to sourcing and building their needed technology, to developing their branding and marketing strategy. Bento Box has clients world wide and works with businesses as diverse as entertainment, political parties, eco-friendly energy concerns, education, and human resources.

Other things about me

You'll find me on IMDB(where you'll learn that I've been a space captain for a popular computer game, a composer and a film art director).

I ruminate at Professional Walking and attempt to show you what's on my mind at Flickr. I share what i'm listening to on Last.fm.

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