Community development, project management, business development, design, marketing & mentorship for people who make games and digital media.

Brief History

As a founder of award-winning agency Bento Box Projects, Faber has over 20 years of experience in design and product execution for clients in the film, TV and entertainment industries, turning great ideas into successful businesses. He has programmed and curated content for international games festival IndieCade; the video game arts fair Bit Bazaar; and the VRcade (2014) and Panelscapes (2015) exhibitions, working with collaborators in comics, games and visual art. His newest venture, New Tropics, develops accessible content and technology with a host of cross-disciplinary artists. In 2016 he exhibited New Tropics’ collaboration with artist collective FriendsWithYou and co-curated the POP summer series at TIFF.

In 2011, Faber co-founded Gamma Space Collaborative Studio, a not-for-profit co-working and event space for independent artists working in screen-based media. He has worked with dozens of video game studios and small teams, producing several titles released on PC (Fate Tectonics, Sub Serial Network), iOS (LongStory), PlayStation and (LOUD on Planet X), Nintendo (Graceful Explosion Machine, Light Fingers) platforms.

As the current president of TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre), Faber is currently working hands-on with Toronto’s media arts community to develop an accessible hub at the intersection of arts, technology and public engagement.